The Maestrale Voice talks about the ancient time of Sicily, hidden between the magnificence of the countryside and the blue sea. Totò Musumeci grew up listening to that voice, and he came to know the ancient stories that became legend. Now, a mysterious force calls him to be part of a secret adventure, while the wind tries to cover up everything with its raging howl.

   Totò is the grandchild of the baron of Mezzocannolo, who was killed by the Mafia. He is also an industrialist. The pasta factory he inherited belongs to the tradition, and he must protect it against the prince of Granata’s duress, like his grandfather did before him. The prince of Granata funded that village, and he rules it all.

   But times change, and the baron’s dynasty dies out, although the evil done is still the same. The Sun on Earth disguises himself, hiding behind charming semblances, and has become more and more dangerous.

   Totò will fight against him till the end, sure that after him someone else will follow in the past generations’ footsteps. And, that day, the Maestrale voice will be the cry of a people who gains their freedom.


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