Everybody agrees that the pasta produced in Torre Annunziata and in Gragnano represents the excellence of the Italian production; in fact, it can’t be said that such products are to be despised. But to be fair, we ought to recognize that the place of origin of this industry is Sicily, and specifically Termini Imerese, where they produce pure durum wheat semolina pasta, without using heterogeneous materials as many other factories do.
On the shore, not so far from the city and close to the thermal establishment, there’s a new-built factory which is the result of many years of work. It belongs to the Russo Company, which has existed since 1875, and has been able to conquer an enviable place among the companies exporting Sicilian pasta.
Bontempelli e Trevisani, La Sicilia Industriale Commerciale e Agricola, Società Tipografica Editrice Popolare, Milano, 1903.

This book doesn’t just recall a family and a company’s events; above all, it recalls those who have left a message to the next generations by means of their work, and who now rest in peace. This book is also addressed to today’s businessmen, but also to all young persons, so they may think. Business is not a game. It is a mission supported by honesty and capitals. Giving work is both a charitable and laical action that requires courage. You might lose everything and you need to be strong enough to face prevarication.


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